Showing no fear and moving to another country by herself, see how Dr. Sonia built an award winning multi-million dollar company

Over 19 years in the healthcare industry, Dr. Sonia is an author, dental surgeon, and executive business coach. One of her goals is to leave the world healthier than before she found it. While working in India a patient was talking with Dr. Sonia about opportunity in Australia, and said why not do it and do not give up. That’s all she needed to hear. So, after obtaining a visa a year and 2 months later Dr. Sonia moved to Australia. 

Upon moving to another country, and leaving her husband temporarily in India Dr. Sonia worked for a corporation. Dr. Sonia notice the patient care and empathy wasn’t what she had envisioned, so while on maternity leave with a 3 month old Dr. Sonia decided to start her on practice. 

We all have to start somewhere, and that’s exactly what Dr. Sonia did by first flipping burgers to cleaning toilets to earn money to support her newborn. Through that instilled a no fear, don’t give up, mentality to persevere through any hardship or setback within business and life. 

If you ask Dr. Sonia there is no plan B was only Plan A. Her first week goal upon opening her clinic was to pay the employees and not pay herself. A tribute to a solid leader, and since that point she has never looked back.

Also, taking customer service above and beyond is one her company’s top priorities, which has led to multiple awards within the healthcare industry.

Having a strong mindset is the biggest hurdle before scaling up her company, and making sure her business is running 80% without her before acquiring another clinic. 

Through failure Dr. Sonia learned to delegate task so she can focus more on her business instead of working in her business.