Left a 6 figure career to build her company, Aireka Harvell is true inspiration

Through an idea that spark further curiosity Aireka’s vision came to fruition. It was a long arduous road, but after 3 years Aireka startup Nodatplace.com is going strong. Aireka’s prayer was answered to leave her career to build a startup, but was apprehensive to leave her career. She knew that in order to succeed in her new role she would have to leave AT&T and focus all of her energy into Nodatplace.com. An investor backed out of their initially $40,000, but it did not slow Aireka down and she keep forging on build her startup.

Success is pushing through during the most challenging of times, keeping your head game tight, and keep the negative thoughts out. Aireka’s company, they provide a platform for small business to tell their story. Small businesses create our community and help to build and stimulate the economy. Also, Nodat focuses on getting customers to a business site, online sales, hot offers (timer for when offer expires), and helping with ROI and repeat revenue.

Another great piece of advice from Aireka is to not get married to the original idea. Evolve with your customers’ needs so that you stay top-of-mind, and continuously grow your company.

Be coach-able to stay ahead of the game, so you can be open and willing to adapt to help grow your business.

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