It works…if you work it

Sounds easy enough…but showing up one or two times to a regular event will not produce the referrals you are looking, and needed to grow your business. It is equally important as to returning a phone call for a potential client, responding to an email, or asking your current customer for a referral.

I know this might sound trivial, but if you are looking to grow your business outside of your normal routine then you have to network. Now that doesn’t mean make it a pitstop like in NASCAR, where you show up to one event and expect the floodgates to open and referrals start pouring in.

Oh man, if it were only that easy but the easy part is really showing up time and again. Proving not only to yourself, but to the other professionals in the room that you are serious about getting to know them; and helping each other grow each other’s business. Through this repetition, you will start to build rapport and ultimately foster strong business relationships.

So, keep showing up and building on those relationships throughout the year. Eventually you will see the fruits of your labor. Remember you are only one introduction away from your next referral partner, dream job, or new client.

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