How confidence afforded Shawn King the inspiration to launch her own company Benefits Enriched

Shawn King is President and Owner of a recently launched employee benefits support network, Benefits Enriched.  She started her career many years ago after being a stay at home, homeschooling mother of 4.  She was newly divorced and struggling to make ends meet.  However, she was determined to figure out what a successful career looked and felt like.  With hard work and dedication Shawn was able to find the success she was looking for.  She challenged herself even further and has now been able to start a new chapter in her life as an entrepreneur.  Shawn believes that success is possible for ALL – no matter your circumstances, background, or age.

Prior to starting her own company, Shawn held a position as Vice President of Enrollment Services at HRO Partners.  She has accomplished a host of accolades in her industry including Annual Sales Plan Achievement for 4 consecutive years and TN Territory Agency Development Manager for 3 years.

Her new company, Benefits Enriched is focused on providing employee benefits support to employee benefits agencies, enrollment services firms, and companies.  Her goal is to meet her clients where they are at and become an extension of their team.  As Benefits Enriched grows she wants to provide opportunities for her team to not only dream but to reach their idea of success.