Former Olympic athlete, current barber to the NBA elite, & Advertising Manager for U of Memphis, Spencer Banks operates through faith, humility, and upmost integrity

Living a life what most only dream of, Spencer Banks has had an incredible journey throughout life; one for the story books. Spencer has competed against Carl Lewis, is the barber to many of the NBA elite, and even has past clients of celebrities outside of the NBA. If that was not enough Spencer created a radio show which lead him down the road to advertising.

Throughout his journey, all roads and faith has led Spencer to this point within his adventure. He is the Manager of Advertising for the U of Memphis, all while still cutting hair for the NBA. The list of celebrity encounters are endless, but Spencer speaks of his past and current clients with humility and respect.

Spencer also created a radio show, from that endeavor Spencer was forced into advertising to gain sponsorship for his show. This journey has brought freedom and drawing from past experiencing to help build up the program within the U of Memphis.