You have sacrificed the time and have built a new business relationship where both of you can be an extension of each other’s business.

Congratulations!! Through your hard work you have received your first referral, and you want to ensure the level of service equals that on which you provide your current customers.

Also, as an added benefit you want to extend your appreciation to your new referral partner. I know some industries have laws in place where the monetary value is minimal, if not nil. If that’s the case, you will be surprised how far a handwritten thank you card will go or even a call or text showing your gratitude.

Try to keep the response time to the potential new customer as quick as possible. Your new business partner is counting on you as, not only an advocate for their business, an extension of their business. By doing this you will be developing a raving fan for both of you, which will open the doors for more opportunities for referral from the potential new customer and new business relationship you have cultivated.

Keep hustling and networking for your next business partner, dream job, or new customer is one introduction away.