Christian organization, led by God to open their doors, and do the next right thing, Be Free Revolution is a life-altering non-profit

Britney Christie and Lacey Stluka met on a mission trip to Kenya in 2011 where they saw kids that were starving, unable to learn and experiencing unfathomable abuse. They were stuck in a vicious cycle of poverty, destruction and brokenness. Britney and Lacey saw this as a problem not only for these kids, but the future of Kenya and for the world.

They were forever changed and determined to do something about it. They started the non-profit, Be Free Revolution, to serve those they met in the slums of Kenya and so began their journey of helping others help themselves full circle. Now all these years later they have over 100 children that they care for, mission trips they lead as well as facilitate a jewelry line to help provide jobs and fund the work that they do.

How to support and follow their mission