Our Story

After attending a networking event, with over 150 attendees, I left the event discouraged, feeling as though I had left money on the table. How could I reach my next referral partner on the other side of an overcrowded ballroom, full of people squinting to read name tags, balancing loaded plates and room-temp drinks, with no hands left to casually pass off a business card?

There just had to be another way! So, I searched for a solution, but couldn’t find the missing link. It was through this realization that the Follow App was sparked.

Scott and I met through a referral source while I was in search of a developer to bring the Follow App to life. After meeting with Scott and brainstorming on the functionality of the app, we came up what is now the Follow App. Aside from the app, it’s important to us that we add value to your business and help those of you who struggle to connect, gain referrals, and pass along credible referrals. We’ve all been where you are, we are here to help, and now what action are you going to take to increase your business?

Next Steps…

If you would like to inquire more about what we’re working on please feel free to email us. Also be sure to listen in to our podcast, Where the Fortune Is, https://open.spotify.com/show/3PnmrTtjxXX98xWcF4HA5m